Medical science and desperate prayer join forces to keep a premature baby alive in this memoir.

In November 1992, Krech’s wife, Karen, delivered a baby daughter after just 22 weeks of gestation. Doctors at their New Jersey hospital were so certain that Faith Catherine would soon die—she weighed less than a pound—that they were reluctant to even treat her in the neonatal intensive care unit. Against all expectations, she survived the night and then the 72-hour “viability” milestone, but she remained in critical condition with a grim prognosis. Her tiny lungs could not breathe on their own, but the ventilator itself could cause permanent lung damage, and the highly concentrated oxygen it pumped might leave her blind; feeding tubes carried the threat of infection; and her immature brain frequently forgot to keep her heart beating. Faith’s battle to live became a metaphorical crisis of faith for her Roman Catholic parents, who wrestled with the question of whether God really was in control of her fate as they prepared to lose her. Krech turned to Christian radio, the theological writings of C.S. Lewis, and the Bible for answers and began contemplating the Gospel verses “Ask and ye shall receive” and “Have faith as small as a mustard seed and move mountains.” He began praying regularly and ardently for Faith, as did family friends and, unbeknown to him, a prayer circle of strangers at a retirement home. YA author Krech fills his heartfelt narrative with a sharply observed NICU procedural as Faith’s doctors and nurses shepherded her through setbacks, kept her vital processes running, and celebrated small victories like the first opening of her blue eyes, all of which he observes in painful, evocative detail. (“Amid a tangle of wires, tubes, and tape lay a tiny, emaciated body not much bigger than my hand….Her limbs curled stiff and tight, moving in slow, spastic jerks. Her toes arched upward, thin and bony. The skin was stretched over her body like plastic wrap. Our daughter.”) The result is an absorbing medical odyssey that turns into a knotty, inspiring spiritual journey.

A moving account of Christian belief holding firm against long odds.
- Kirkus Reviews

In this moving account of a tiny infant's premature birth and first challenging weeks of life, a family is sustained by their Catholic faith.

The prose is simple, but effective. Bob Krech's descriptions of his daughter, who was born weighing less than a pound, and of the struggle for survival that ensued, are vividly realistic.

Many of the details of this incredibly tiny infant's early weeks of life are deeply touching. The wholehearted teamwork of the family and medical staff is inspiring, although not every reader will relate to the passages touching on the author's religious experiences. The book strikes many notes that will be familiar to readers of Marie Killilea's 'Karen.'

The story follows a dual trajectory; the growth of the infant Faith, and the growth of her father's faith in God as his daughter's seemingly miraculous clinging to life and ultimate blossoming into a healthy, happy girl and young woman occur. The Afterword, as written by the adult Faith, reveals her to be a charming, intelligent young woman with a mind of her own and a deep love for her father and family. - The BookLife Prize

“A great read. As a parent it was equal parts terrifying and inspirational.”
- Mike C.

“I opened the book and began reading after dinner. Now, it’s five and a half hours later, and I have just finished the last lines and closed the book. It is fantastic!” - Melanie F.

“Both heartwarming and encouraging for any believer and a reminder of God’s promises. Words cannot express how touched I was by Faith’s story and yours.” - Joan S.

“A LITTLE FAITH is a compelling, real-life story of one of God’s many miracles! It is well written and a gripping account of one family’s faith walk. I could not stop reading until I finished it. This is a rewarding read you will remember.” - Craig L.

“To quote an old proverb, ‘you have to read a hundred good books before you encounter one truly great book.’ This is that great book.

Bob Krech is a seasoned writer, and his finely crafted writing skills, which taken a lifetime to refine, all come to bear on the telling of this story.

This book is a tale of two journeys. One is about an infant girl’s struggle for survival. The other is about her father’s spiritual awakening. The two journeys are nicely and inextricably woven together.” - Mike N.

What Bob Krech has accomplished is quite remarkable on several levels.  To begin with, the fact that he was able to keep such copious notes on his daughter’s 4 tenuous months in the NICU is astonishing enough, especially given the emotional toll it was taking.  Then, to have written such a riveting biographical story out of those notes, all the while interweaving it with his own spiritual journey shows incredible grit and creativity.  But, the crowning achievement is that Bob now has what many of us lack - which is a written record of God’s redemptive work in his life to pass on to future generations.  We would all do well to follow his inspiring example. - Krystal N.

I loved it.  Heartwarmingly honest and inspirational.  A testament to prayer as a relationship rooted in God's sustaining grace, and not only about outcomes.  A beautiful story of love, compassion and faith that mirrors the love, compassion and faithfulness in God's own heart. - Rev. Dr. Nancy

Reading this book has been a revelation for me. More than once, tears have been part of hearing this poignant story of hope. I have also found my own faith in Christ strengthened by being let in to something of Bob and Karen’s story. I think it might be the same for you…whatever you believe, I think that this story will be a sign of a Love that is greater than we can imagine. It is the story of Faith and also that Love. - Rev. Gregory

I want to tell you how much I enjoyed your book......I was completely involved within the first few pages.  You did a marvelous job of telling the story.  I was often in tears just contemplating the circumstances of Faiths birth.....the fragile start to life....yet loving her tenacity to live....that is something that God gives us, I believe.  Thank you for telling this story. 
- Sue F.

Your book is wonderful and I’m so pleased you have given us the opportunity to preview an advance copy.  The first thing I noticed was the clarity and simplicity of your writing style.  So many authors try to impress rather than inform -- and their message is diluted in the process.  You do not, and your confident prose makes it such an easy read.  More than that, however, is the substance of your experience with Faith (and with faith).  You’ve chronicled with honesty a journey of a father that required perseverance, hope and the ability to adapt to rapidly changing and scary circumstances.  Your relationship with your heavenly Father was tested and grew deeper as a result.  The book is an encouragement to the rest of us during our times of need. - Tom F.