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Hello and welcome to Belief Books! Thank you for stopping by. Our mission is based on Psalm 96:3 - "Publish His glorious deeds among the nations. Tell everyone about the amazing things He does." (New Living Translation) With this command as our guide we create books that aim to entertain, inspire, and encourage our readers as we "tell everyone about the amazing things he does." We also publish a daily blog called The Miracle Box where more inspiring stories, meditations, and miracles are shared.

All profits after publication costs are donated to charities. In this way, while we help readers learn about God's presence in our lives, we can also help those in need around the world. We use God's words to do God's work of helping the poor, the sick, and the lost. Click on the charities button here to see the list and learn more about them.

Thank you again for joining us. Our first book, A Little Faith: A Father's Miracle Story of Faith, Hope, Love, and a Micro-Preemie will be available in November 2020. Til then, feel free to explore our site, enjoy The Miracle Box blog, and learn a bit about A Little Faith and us. God bless!

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"Wow! Great Story!"

- Steve Brown, Key Life

"I believe your daughter's story will touch all those who read, inspiring them to continue to pray, and to continue to champion all life."

- Joni Eareckson Tada, Joni and Friends

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"I absolutely love the book! And I'm really touched to see how you're using it."

- Janet Parshall, In the Market with Janet Parshall on Moody Radio

"A moving account of Christian
belief holding firm against long odds."

- Kirkus Reviews

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