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Our baby weighed 450 grams.

I learned that day that there are 454 grams in a pound.

The neonatologist straightened and spoke slowly in distinct, measured sentences. “Your baby is very sick. She’s extremely small and unable to breathe on her own. We’re keeping her breathing and heart going by machine.”

She paused, looking at my wife, Karen and me, checking to see if we had  absorbed this. When she spoke again her tone had changed. Almost instructively, as if talking to a child, she said gently to Karen, “We are going to give her back to you to hold so that you can keep her warm as she passes on.” Shaking her head slightly she finished, “That’s really the best we can do.”

Life had been good to Karen and Bob Krech. They had traveled the world as  overseas teachers. They were blessed with a strong marriage, a nice house, great jobs, and a happy, healthy two-year old son. Was God a part of their lives? Some. But He was about to reenter in a very big way through a very small baby.

BOB KRECH is a writer and educational consultant. A former teacher, supervisor, and curriculum developer, he is the author of many professional books for teachers as well as two national award-winning children’s books.

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